Carnival's Bottomless Bubbles
Unlimited Soda Program


Carnival Cruise Lines will offer all guests the option to purchase a Bottomless Bubbles unlimited soda program which will allow the guest unlimited soft drinks and juices for the duration of the cruise at a one-time purchase price. Prices are as follows - a 15% gratuity will be added and applicable sales tax.


Child Rate Per Day $4.50 (17 years of age and younger)

Adult Rate Per Day $6.00 (18 years of age and older)


Upon purchasing the Bottomless Bubbles unlimited soda program, a sticker will be placed on the guest's Sail & Sign card. Bottomless Bubbles can be purchased at the ship's Casino Bar and Pool Bar; in addition, the soda program can be purchased prior to the cruise by contacting the 'The Fun Shops' department (phone orders only-not offered online).


In all areas where beverage service is offered, guests may show the Bottomless Bubbles sticker and receive a glass of the carbonated soft drink of their choice. Juices may also be requested. One 16 ounce glass will be served at a time and only to the guest whose name appears on the Sail & Sign card with the Bottomless Bubbles sticker attached.


Soft Drinks / Soda

Soft Drinks / Soda




Orange Juice

Diet Coke

Sprite Zero

Cranberry Juice

Coca-Cola Zero

Orange Fanta

Tomato Juice

Coca-Cola Caffeine Free

Mr. Pibb

Pineapple Juice

Diet Coke Caffeine Free

Barqs Root Beer

Grapefruit Juice

Tonic Water / Club Soda

Ginger Ale


Note: The following beverages are available in the Lido Deck Restaurant, 24/7 and are complimentary:

Coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, lemonade and unsweetened iced tea.


·         Bottomless Bubbles is non-transferable and may not be shared. Guests or family members who would like to enjoy soft drinks through this program must purchase their own sticker.

·         One beverage serving, per sticker, will be served at a time.

·         Soft drink is served by the glass (16 ounces); juice is served by the glass (10 ounces).

·         Bottomless Bubbles cannot be used through room service or the Interactive TV system, where applicable, or the minibar, where applicable.

·         Bottomless Bubbles cannot be used for beverage purchases at Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas or Little Stirrup Cay, The Bahamas.

·         Applicable state and local sales taxes will be charged to the guest folio when this program is used within US waters. The tax is based on the state's tax structure and the cost of the individual drink purchased (not the daily program rate). For example: if the drink price is $2 and the tax is 10%, the guest's Sail & Sign card will be charged $0.20 for tax. This applies to all US ports (embarkation home ports and ports-of-call). 


Cruise Duration

17 Years of Age

and Younger     

18 Years of Age

and Older


$4.50 Per Day

Including 15% Gratuity

$6.00 Per Day

Including 15% Gratuity

2 day



3 day



4 day



5 day



6 day



7 day



8 day



9 day



10 day



11 day



12 day



13 day



14 day



15 day



16 day