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Elegant Night Aboard a Cruise Ship

Our very first cruise, I just wasn't down with the whole "let's get dressed up for dinner" idea.  I'll head to the buffet, you guys go ahead was my plan.

Then, I saw the menu (prime rib or lobster or BOTH!).  OK, I'll go.

I have to admit, around 5p it was kind of magical.  Here were all these people that I've seen hanging around the ship in bathing suits, shorts & T's, etc. now suddenly making the whole ship look like a movie set.  I really think that, above anything else, was what drew me to liking elegant night.

It's an opportunity to get some great, professional quality photographs that you probably otherwise wouldn't.

I will admit, it's a large part of the packing process.  We probably take a garment bag type suitcase for that one reason, to pack my suit(s) and my wife's dresses.  It's a pair of shoes we'll only wear once or twice on the cruise.  When you're trying to condense your "stuff", that's an obstacle.

Personally, I take one suit, two dress shirts and two ties (for a 7 night cruise).  My wife takes two dresses.  I have been as lax as only taking a shirt, two ties with some khakis.  It's really past the point on most cruise lines of what's acceptable.

We have some clients who have absolutely no interest what so ever in participating in cruise elegant nights.  I can certainly understand it.  It's what's great about cruising:  the choices, the freedoms, etc.

But for us, we're now down with it as a part of the whole cruising experience.

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