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Port of Call: Gran Turk


  This was our third time to Gran Turk.  It's a terrific private beach and pool party.  We were looking for more, so we decided to rent a golf cart and see the rest of the island.

Prior to arriving, I reserved a golf cart from Karib Golf Carts.  They had good ratings, and I found dealing with "Boogie" and his wife once we got there to be pleasant.  The cart we rode had some "oomph", so that was a bonus.

(A note if you're going to go this way, you will reserve a cart for $45 via PayPal;  you'll need $51 USD (the balance of the reservation and $6 for fuel costs) in cash once you get there.)

It's "just outside the gate", so it's a bit of a hike if you have someone in a chair.  Take the chair, and they'll store it for you.

Renting a golf cart and buzzing around the place isn't for everyone, and it definitely isn't something I would recommend at certain ports of call.  Having been to Gran Turk before, we felt pretty comfortable doing it.









Our first run was out to the lighthouse.  $3 admission if you want to go in.  Didn't seem like much, so we passed on it.

On the way out and the way back, we noticed they had stray, wild donkeys.  Not something you see everywhere.  Chickens, yes.  Donkeys?  Not so much.








We were told at the golf cart place to go to the big radio tower, which was the highest point on the island.  We did that on the way back.  The island is filled with beautiful homes, homes that have either been destroyed by storms or never finished, or homes that are a bit impoverished.  We never felt "unsafe".  

Met some people in golf carts at one of the stops and asked them where they stopped for lunch.  They mentioned Conchy Joe's and Barbie's, which was also the two places that a tour guide at the light house mentioned.  We went to Conchy Joe's and it was a bit of a let down.  Two tour busses had just stopped there and they were pretty overwhelmed.  Changed our minds and just tried to get two local beers which we accomplished.  The view was very good.

Drove around a bit more, then headed back to the party at Margaritaville outside the ship.  After a couple of Landsharks and a little shopping, we hopped back aboard the Carnival Vista and had lunch.

If you've visited Gran Turk more than once, I would recommend going the golf cart (over one of the tour busses for sure) route.  However, now that we've done it, I probably wouldn't do it again.  Opt for the beach.

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