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Review of the Carnival Vista

The Carnival Vista is a terrific ship.  Continues to build on the things Carnival does well, and improve some of the new implentations that have proven to be very popular on other ships.

Our stateroom was 7214.  As you can see from the deck plans, it was one away from being the furthest forward on the port side.  Incredibly smooth ride.  Higher is better than lower, midship is the best, forward is better than aft.  Still my recommendation.

We liked the improvements to the layout, specifically the location of the Sports Bar, Havana Bar, Punchliner Comedy Club, Club O2, Pixels Photos, and the Casino.  The enlarging of the sushi bar, the iMax Theater, the enlarging of Guy's Pig and Anchor, the Havana "section" of rooms, and the layout of the Promenades on 4 & 5 were all very well done.  The preshow line for the Punchliner was in the hallway and not snaking through the Piano Bar.

While the Red Frog Pub and the Cucina Del Capitano are still hidden treasures of the ship, pasta lunch in the Cucina Del Capitano is a pain with the basketball court right above you.  Everybody raves about Guy's Burgers, for me, the Pig and Anchor is the true gem.

My wife was in a wheelchair, so we had a lot of interaction with the elevators.  We didn't like that the forward elevators went to either deck 3 and up, as high as 11, as high as 12, or one that went to 15.  Too much thinking and the three different controls didn't interact with each other.  Too much thinking and pressing every controller just to go up or down a few floors.  No question, we miss the atrium elevators with the glass looking over the atrium.

There were revolving doors at the Ocean Plaza that were motion operated that were fantastic for someone in a wheelchair, and also for those seated close to them.  When the motion operation didn't work, though (like starting on day 3), it was the biggest pain in the world to go out there with someone in a wheelchair.  Those things were heavy.

I wasn't crazy about the "hallway of hawkers" from the forward elevators to the pool on Lido.  Spa, Art Gallery, Steakhouse, Photos, Future Cruise all had a table through there.  I just wanted to go to eat or the pool.  I didn't want to be constantly solicited.

My wife and I were split on the atrium on deck 3.  We both agreed that the traffic pattern was better.  I just didn't like the set up, she was OK with it.

The Liquid theater we both agreed was less than desirable.  There wasn't much "pitch" to the rows, very flat.  If you were in the upper bowl, unless you sat at a high top along the back, you were looking through plexiglass.  While the middle seats were all modular letting the performers take advantage of a larger floor space, there was no place for your drinks.  None.  Even the permament seats in the lower bowl had a little, itty bitty piece of wood that wasn't level and was in the most inconvenient place to set a drink even if it wouldn't slide off.  Really disappointing.

There was almost always at least a half hour wait for the Carnival SkyRide.  You must wear closed toe shoes and it has a minimum height requirement of 54 inches and a weight limit of 300 pounds.

The Waterworks was out of this world.  The Serenity Deck was much improved, although as with other ships, tough to get to and navigate if you're in a wheelchair.

We'll be excited to return to the Carnival Vista and are looking forward to the new Carnival Horizon.

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