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Port of Call: La Romana (Dominican Republic)

The Port of Roatan had always been my least favorite port.  Then, Carnival built "Mahogany Bay".  Loved it.  Instantly climbed into my top ten ports of calls.

When I heard that Carnival was going to build "Amber Cove" in the Domincan Republic, I was equally excited.  It looked great.  Unfortunately, the Vista called on La Romana, which is now down where Roatan once was.

Asking crew members (something you should ALWAYS do to get recommendations), word was to NOT take the bus downtown, but take the one to Altos De Chavon.  $8 one way, so let's do it. 

Awful.  Nice bus ride through some golf course villas, but that's the end of it.  Cobblestone, uneven walkways was a pain with a wheelchair.  Everything was closed.  Guy that was there in maintenance told me things don't usually open till 5p (back on ship was 4p).  Was a neat ampitheatre, nice architecutre, a beautiful view of a river.  Ends there.

If you're visiting La Romana, hop off, do a little shopping there in port, then enjoy your privacy on the ship.







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