About Us and the Travel Business
Selling Travel from Home

We began just like you are.  We started in the Fall of 2001 researching the Travel Business, then Host Agencies.  We needed something part time and someone who would help us get started.  We found that in a host agency, and after four years, we decided that we're ready to provide that help and training for others looking to get into the Home Based Travel Industry boom.

This Business is about selling, marketing and research.  You will be successful at this business if you provide great (not just good) service and good (not necessarily great) prices.  20% of your clients you definitely won't make a sale.  20% of your clients will be so easy to please, you can't help but make a sale.  It's the other 60% of your clients that are going to make or break your business.

This is a business that you eat what you kill.  There are many perks, and also some pitfalls.   There's an adage in pro golf:  Don't spend the money before you make the putt.  It's the kind of the same in the travel business:  don't spend the money until you make the sale, and your clients have travelled.  Be concerned about the best commission, but if you don't make the sale or if they cancel, you won't make any commission

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!  If you don't hear from a client, get back to them.  Let people know the price is still the same (or has changed)  ASK FOR THE SALE!

You'll get discounts on travel, and there will be some tax advantages.  However, it's all about volume of sales.

Tell all your friends you're booking travel.  Ask for people's business, but NEVER give away your knowledge for free.  Go ahead and explain how you get paid – that it's the suppliers who pay you for selling their product.  Most people think you automatically charge a fee for your services.

Advertise effectively to get your name out to people who would benefit from your services.  Your goal is to be able to rely on word of mouth and references from satisified clients.

Do flyers.  Find bulletin boards and post specials  Ask where you can include them with other businesses.  Use Social Media to display your knowledge of a destination.

 You can't have enough business cards, and you can't give out enough business cards.  Make sure they're professional looking and contain all the contact information you can squeeze into them.

Work at getting your name out as someone who they'll think of to at least get a quote. 

Get a web and social media presence.  Separate it from your personal accounts, but make sure you share items to your personal pages.

Get a niche.  It’s a big world.  You can’t be an expert on everywhere.  Get resources from suppliers that supply your niche. Get registered with as many suppliers as you can  Get flyers, e brochures and marketing materials that you can hand out to potential clients.  Register for email newsletters and updates with suppliers

Still interested?  Think you 'have what it takes'?  Click this link to see our qualifications for selling travel at home with Sims Family Tours & Travel.