South Africa
A journey of a thousand souls

The beaches of the Indian Ocean on one side, the deserts that extend towards the Atlantic on the other

A land of contrasts, the southernmost part of Africa offers a travel experience which is unique in its kind, where nature reigns with its breath-taking landscapes, amidst volcanoes, giant reefs of smooth, dark granite rock, soft skies and lagoons suspended in time. Giving life to a great and multifaceted continent.

A journey on an MSC cruise to South Africa will take you to the discovery of locations immersed in luxuriant and wild nature of unique fascination.

Those visiting the Black Continent, will be overcome, on their return home, by a subtle nostalgia and the wish to go back to those lands. This sentiment is known as "mal d'Afrique", and appropriately so: you too, don't hesitate and let yourself be seduced by the fascinating itineraries to the discovery of places like Cape Town in South Africa, Maputo in Mozambique and L├╝deritz in Namibia.

Africa has never been so close.

South Africa, Mozambique
From $329.00 (USD)

Destination: Africa
Ship: MSC Musica

Durban, Port Louis, La Possession, Portuguese Island, Durban
From $1,679.00 (USD)

Destination: Africa
Ship: MSC Musica

Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Cape Town
From $389.00 (USD)

Destination: Africa
Ship: MSC Musica