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Whether you long to be told the many fascinating stories of Europe's great landmarks, hear tales of the mysterious pyramids of Egypt, or learn the intriguing histories of other great countries, a Globus vacation will give you the in-depth insights that bring your destination's past to life. Our experienced, Tour Directors create a travel experience for you like no other so you'll walk away from your vacation having been a part of the stories that bring history to life.

And while you're immersing in the historical past, you'll also take pleasure in the present - staying in quality hotels, relishing the must-see attractions and enjoying free time to explore on your own. With over 80 years of experience, there's a reason why Globus is the world leader in escorted travel and also holds multiple "Best Tour Operator" awards from numerous prestigious travel entities. Come explore with us and you'll find out why.
GLOBUS 2023: Classical Greece Plus Island Hopper (RGM) from $3,844.00 (USD)
Some things are just better together-ouzo and ice, tzatziki and pita bread, Sun Gods and pure sunshine. We combined our enlightening tour of Classical Greece with our rejuvenating Island Hopper vacation to create the ultimate Greek getaway.
GLOBUS 2022: Eastern US & Canada Discovery with New York City (CUE) from $4,509.00 (USD)
Like your coffee with two creams and two sugars? That's a 'double-double' in neighboring Canada and don't you forget it! Doubling the fun from Washington D.C. to Quebec City, this unforgettable panorama tour of the Eastern U.S.
GLOBUS 2023: Italian Treasures (LK) from $3,399.00 (USD)
'Wherefore art thou, Romeo?' Who can resist uttering these words in medieval Verona, the romantic setting for Shakespeare's tragic love story? But thoughts will soon shift to Roman ruins, medieval towns, floating cities and gastronomic delights.
GLOBUS 2023: America's Musical Heritage (AS) from $3,199.00 (USD)
Are you a little bit country? A little bit rock 'n' roll? Then you'll love this musical heritage vacation that follows the influential sounds of chart-topping history from Nashville to Memphis with a crescendo in New Orleans for all that jazz.
GLOBUS 2022: Egypt with Nile Cruise (QF) from $2,522.00 (USD)
That calendar you live by-the one with 365 days divided into twelve months-you can thank the ancient Egyptians for the handy invention that helps you manage your time.
GLOBUS 2022: Warsaw, the Baltics & Helsinki (RQ) from $2,299.00 (USD)
This tour of the Baltics and Northern Europe is impressively full of high notes.
GLOBUS 2023: Flavors of China & the Yangtze (OC) from $3,419.00 (USD)
Ancient wonders. Modern cities. Timeless traditions. Like a classic Chinese dumpling, this tour of China is filled with flavor, zest, and delectable elements of surprise.
GLOBUS 2022: Great Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (CD) from $3,329.00 (USD)
Just because the Canadian Rockies is home to some of the most rugged terrain in North America doesn't mean you have to rough it!
GLOBUS 2023: America's Historic East (AH) from $2,999.00 (USD)
Oh say can you see the nation's birthplace, capital, and significant battlefields from your easy chair? Of course not! Pack up your patriotism and head east for Washington, D.C.
GLOBUS 2023: Australian Safari with Fiji (PLE) from $8,089.00 (USD)
If your idea of meeting the locals is cradling koalas, hand feeding kangaroos, and laughing with a school of clownfish, then this is the vacation for you. Animal lovers unite on this spectacular safari tour of Australia.
GLOBUS 2022: Parks & Canyons Spectacular with Denver (APQ) from $4,879.00 (USD)
Grand Canyon or Grand Teton? Yellowstone or the Black Hills? Wild Bill or Crazy Horse? You don't have to decide which famous canyon, park, or personality to discover on your next tour of the Western U.S.
GLOBUS 2023: Music Cities: Nashville & Memphis (NF) from $2,329.00 (USD)
There's a whole lotta shakin' going on when you embark on this boot scootin' tour of two of the country's most melodious cities.
GLOBUS 2023: Spirit of South America (SA) from $4,719.00 (USD)
Rum and rumba. Ruins and rainforests. Rio and revelry. This carefree vacation to South America has just the R&R you crave.
GLOBUS 2023: Grand Hawaii Vacation (EK) from $4,389.00 (USD)
Every day is Hawaiian shirt day on this ultimate vacation to Hawaii and its lush, tropical islands. How else would you dress for palm-lined beaches, breezy scenic cruises, and traditional luaus with haupia and hula?
GLOBUS 2023: Icons of India: The Taj, Tigers & Beyond with Varanasi (ODE) from $2,959.00 (USD)
How do you express your eternal devotion to the love of your life? Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan enlisted the help of more than 20,000 workers and 1,000 elephants to erect a towering white marble mausoleum in honor of his wife who died during childbirth.
GLOBUS 2022: The Bold & the Brewtiful: Mid-Atlantic America By Design (F8C) from $2,969.00 (USD)
Follow in the footsteps of the country's first patriots on this 9-day trip through America's Mid-Atlantic states. How will you make history? Exploring nature's refuges or visiting national monuments?
GLOBUS: North of Ireland Escape (KAN) from $879.00 (USD)
Escape to the beauty and history of the 'Emerald Isle' on your guided tour of Ireland. Enjoy your getaway into the green valleys and sweeping seashores without the large crowds or costs of the 'busy' travel season.
GLOBUS 2023: Swiss Escape (KHAX) from $1,199.00 (USD)
Your escape to Switzerland begins in the dynamic city of Zurich, where you'll meet your Tour Director and fellow travelers for a welcome dinner served at your hotel. Your stay in Zurich includes an orientation of the Old Town.
GLOBUS 2022: Southern California Charms (AD) from $3,669.00 (USD)
What do Californians do when they need a quick, quiet getaway? They pack their loudest plaids for Palm Springs, their fluffiest towels for Santa Barbara, and their biggest bills for Beverly Hills.
GLOBUS 2022: Imperial Escape with Berlin (KCBX) from $1,099.00 (USD)
This Central Europe guided tour is a magnificent journey through the former Habsburg Empire.
GLOBUS 2023: New England and the Hudson Valley (AE) from $3,559.00 (USD)
From the Salem Witch Trials to the Headless Horseman, New England is home to some of the nation's oldest settings and stories. Fact, fiction, and fantastic scenery abound on this vacation to New England and the Hudson Valley.
GLOBUS 2023: Best of New Zealand with Fiji & Sydney (PNY2) from $7,399.00 (USD)
It's true that sheep outnumber people in New Zealand six to one, but lucky for ewe, this untamed land also boasts an impressive number of soaring mountains, lush rainforests, and stunning fiords.
GLOBUS 2023: The Sicilian (LP) from $2,529.00 (USD)
Crossed over by half of the ancient civilized world, modern day Sicily ironically presents an off-the-beaten-path vacation for those eager to discover a completely different side of Italy.
GLOBUS 2023: California Classics with San Diego (AAE) from $4,129.00 (USD)
When you hum along to California Dreamin' on the radio, what wistful wonders comes to mind? Giant sequoias in Yosemite National Park? Big reds in Napa Valley? Mega stars in Los Angeles? Colossal mansions that dot the entire Pacific coastline?
GLOBUS 2023: Alaska's Iditarod (AI) from $2,659.00 (USD)
Come gee! Come haw! Come out for Alaska's best known sporting event.
GLOBUS 2023: Legacy of the Incas with Peru's Amazon (SPQ) from $5,409.00 (USD)
Calendar? Astronomy? Alien artwork? None of the above. But the discovery of Peru's Nazca Lines gave a whole new meaning to drawing a line in the sand.
GLOBUS 2023: Northern Capitals with St. Petersburg & Moscow (ZTM) from $5,329.00 (USD)
If you're in search of a different European experience, just head north to the intersection of yesterday and tomorrow. Old meets new and tradition meets innovation on this cool tour of Scandinavia and its most exciting hot spots.
GLOBUS 2023: Peru Splendors with Peru's Amazon & Galapagos Cruise (SOY) from $6,099.00 (USD)
Love a good mystery? This 17-day vacation to Peru is the perfect escape to delve into the world's most intriguing lost and found story.
GLOBUS 2022: From the Top: Western Canada By Design with MORE Vancouver (F8EE) from $2,741.00 (USD)
Eagles soar and wineries pour on this 9-day journey from vibrant Vancouver to the parks and peaks of Western Canada. How will you fill your cup? Just as you please!
GLOBUS 2022: America's National Parks with Denver (ANQ) from $3,529.00 (USD)
The mining boom may have been more than a century ago, but it's never too late to strike gold in America's West.

GLOBUS 2023: Tournament of Roses (AX)
From $2,299.00 (USD)

You can leave your rose-colored glasses at home when you pack your bags for America's favorite New Year's celebration.

GLOBUS 2023: Footsteps of Apostle Paul - Faith-Based Travel (TP)
'For we walk by faith, not by sight,' wrote the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians.

GLOBUS 2023: Music Cities: Nashville & Memphis (NF)
From $2,329.00 (USD)

There's a whole lotta shakin' going on when you embark on this boot scootin' tour of two of the country's most melodious cities.

GLOBUS 2022: European Sampler with London (HDT)
From $3,479.00 (USD)

Like a Lazy Susan generously plated with cured herring, breaded schnitzel, rich fondue, and beef bourguignon, this aptly named European Sampler invites you to sink your teeth into four delectable countries and cultures.

GLOBUS 2023: Iconic Aegean with 3-Night Cruise (RK)
From $2,020.00 (USD)

Famous for creating the Olympic Games, inventing theater, and founding democracy, the industrious and innovative Greeks have also been known to vote for the art of doing nothing at all.