Qualifications and Information Required from Applicants
Work from home selling travel


Our agency will supply all the necessary training and support to help you become the best travel agent you can be.  There's no experience necessary to join our agency as an outside agent


You can't do enough outside reading.  This business is about experiences; the old adage time is money really applies.  The faster you know how to sort out suppliers to offer your clients the best travel value, the better you'll do at this business.  Here are two wonderful opportunities for outside reading:


NACTA’s "How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency"

Kelly Monaghan's Home-Based Travel Agent


We will need your resume.  This can be very informal.  Things to include:


Tell us about yourself and your background, especially your personal travel history 

Tell us where you’ve been, what destination would you be excited about selling?   

Tell us how have you booked your travel in the past?

Tell us a little about your past employment, vocational endeavors.

Tell us what your experience (if any) has been in the travel industry

Tell us what sales experience (if any) you've had.


No Financial or Credit History Required


You will need to sign and return our contract agreement before we can start any training.

Still with us?  Ready to keep going?  By now, you're wondering "how much is this going to cost?"

  Click this link to see the startup costs involved.