Training and Support
Work from home selling travel

All franchisees and outside agents must successfully complete:

the required Sims Family Tours & Travel training program.  This will be tailored to your niche and will continue as “on the job training”. 

varying supplier's product knowledge training and provide copy of documentation

certification courses of their own choosing and provide notification of passage such as TA University, and Travel Weekly Seminars

Training will be found on Yahoo! Groups SimsFamTrav.*and can be waived for an experienced outside agent or franchisee

All training will be done at your own pace through home study.  Covered studies will include Supplier’s Booking Engines tailored to your niche.

Support will be done by posting messages to the Yahoo! groups' Message Board*

Attendance at Seminars and Training Sessions held by suppliers will be made readily available and encouraged.  Emails sent by suppliers will be broadcast to outside agents and franchisees on the day they're received.  (We encourage you to sign up for these services individually for better service).  Familiarization Trips (FAMS) provided by suppliers are available and encouraged.  Any way we can help you get FAMS will be pursued.

We will hold scheduled chats for support to agents if requested along with supplying you with agency brochures on a need basis

If you would like, we will provide free web page space at for franchisees

You will receive a bonus $10 for additional franchisees or $20 for Outside Agents that you refer to the Agency after they have paid their Initial Set Up Fee

* - as of December 2019 we will be migrating our group site from Yahoo!

If you're still with us by now, it's time to talk about the important stuff.  Click on this link to see our Commission Schedule.